Poll about opening Al IMAN for Jumu’ah prayer

Salamu alaikum Everyone & Ramadan Mubarak. 

What do you think about opening Al IMAN for Jumu'ah prayer with caution by considering the following caveats?

1- Respecting the federal, state and local guidelines.
2- Respecting the social distancing rules
3- No more than 10 people at once (including the Imam)
4- Jumu'ah including Khutba and Salat (No more than 15 minutes)
5- Respecting the 6 feet distance rule (including the lines of prayers)
6- No hand shaking or socializing inside or at the parking lot.
7- This will result in performing Multiple Jumuaas.
8- At least 10 minutes waiting time between Jumu'aas.
9- The windows will remain open despite the weather condition.
10- This will require at-least 5 volunteers each time.
11- Everyone must bring their own prayer rugs, wearing face mask...etc
12- Perform Wudu at home prior coming to Jumu'ah.
13- People waiting for the next Jumu'ah need to wait in their cars.
14- People need to wait to see a signal from the volunteers that they can enter the Jumu'ah.
15- Any one who is sick or has symptoms need to stay at home.

- More Precautions and safety measures might be implemented as needed.